Modern Cures Based On Native American Medicine

Native MedicineWhat is native American medicine? That is a term which includes the practices and healing beliefs of all the native people of North America. This therapeutic approach combines herbalism, spirituality and magiHerbalc in treating a wide range of emotional and physical ailments from the regular cold to depression.

Similar to the other ancient healing systems (traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda) this Native American medicine is a holistic approach which give emphasis to the treatment of mind, body and spirit. The believes of native Americans were that an individual is inextricably linked to the objects and people surrounding that person – which means healing practices endorse harmony among everyone in a community.

Known as ‘medicine man’ or ‘medicine woman’ or ‘shamans’ those were the names of the native American healers. They believed that all things in the nature are connected. Also they believed that every human end every object has equivalent presence in the spirit world and that spirits can promote health or cause illness.

There are many herbal remedies which have been used for centuries by Native American healers. Although many Native Americans today prefer to consult medical doctor for condition which requires surgery or antibiotics herbal remedies continue to play role in treatment of various emotional, physical and spiritual alimeSkunk Cabbagents. Here are some of Native Americans remedies:

Asthma – This one – skunk cabbage – was used by Dakota and Winnebago tribes to stimulate the removal of phlegm in asthma. Also, mullein – smoking dried root for respiratory complaints or dried leaves to relieve asthma. Also some Indians were making sweetened syrup from boiled root, which they were giving to their children for coughs.

BronchitisCreosote Bush – the tea made of leaves was used for bronchial and other respiratory problems. Pleurisy Root – tea of the boiCreosote Bushled roots were used as remedy for pneumonia and later on it was used to promote the expulsion of phlegm. And also wormwood – was used a tea of the boiled leaves to cure bronchitis.

Colds – Honest – Honest tea was one of the most commonly used home remedies during the last century. It was used to reduce fever, for body pain, to relive stomachache and for fever and colds.

 Coughs – Wild cherry – tea of a wild cherry was mad for coughs and colds. White Pine – also used as a tea for colds and coughs.

As you can see there is a plenty of herbal remedies which have been used by Native Americans. Some of these herbal remedies are used even today in some cures which are based on Native American medicine. If you can use any of these herbal remedies in an old way you should try it. Beside these, there were also cures for digestive disorders, diabetes, fevers, headache. . . Almost the same medical issues we have today. Some of these herbs and similar recipes are still used in the modern medicine. Also with this medicine you can’t heal some diseases, you will need antibiotics today and maybe you need to go on surgery. That’s why we have modern medicine. Many researches in the world looking for cure in order to prevent human illnesses and diseases. But still you can find a cure based on Native American medicine which can be very useful.

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